The "Ducky" Light Horn

Quack quack! Meet your newest bike light and horn - The "Ducky". Whether you commute to school, work, the gym, or just like a casual ride - The Ducky will be there with you every pedal of the way. Can be used for a wide range of activities: mountain biking, road biking, city commuting, hybrid bikes, kids bikes, as well as a regular flashlight. It installs in seconds & fastens to absolutely any handlebar imaginable.


  • Lightweight, durable, strong elastic, and will fit your bike handles perfectly
  • It also fits perfectly to any children bike for its cute duck appearance & provide a bike safety light
  • Fun squeaky honk when you squeeze it
  • The light function can be used as a steady light or a flash. 
  • A great gift for children, adults, your friends, families, etc.


Package Contents:

1x The "Ducky" Light Horn


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